Draymond Green’s Response to Being Benched in Game 4

With less than seven minutes to go in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, coach Steve Kerr replaced Draymond Green and Nemanja Bjelica with Kevon Looney (11 rebounds and 6 points) and Andrew Wiggins (17 points and 16 rebounds).

In the timeout following Marcus Smart’s free throw to extend the lead to five, the Warriors outscored Boston 11-3 to take a 97-94 lead with Green out.

Green, who grabbed an offensive rebound after Klay Thompson missed a three-pointer and later dished to Looney for a layup with one minute left, made some of the night’s biggest plays.

Draymond Green's Response to Being Benched in Game 4
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Green has scored 17 points with 18 fouls in the Finals on 6/26 shooting, including 0/9 from three-point range. 

Green has averaged 7.2 rebounds and 5.7 assists. He was a rare sight in a Finals game where winning was on the line.

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In response to reports that Green did not appear thrilled to be sitting, Kerr said he did not see the reaction of his players. However, he added that he does not expect anyone to be thrilled with the outcome.

As Kerr explained, “at 7:40 we took him out and brought Loon in. That was our original plan, anyway.” “But Loon and Jordan Poole were playing so well that we decided to stay with the group.”.


Jun 12 2022

Draymond Green On Being Benched 😠

Kerr described him as the ultimate competitor. “He’s making big plays down the stretch. He finishes with four steals, eight assists, and nine rebounds because Boston is so big and athletic, but he’s still playing a significant role at this point. And he knows we’ll do whatever it takes to win.”

I’m never thrilled leaving a game in the fourth quarter with seven minutes to go in a must-win game,” Green said. “I’m a competitor,” the Warriors veteran forward concluded.

However, if the coach decides that’s what you will do, then you have to roll with it. I had to focus on playing the game and trying to make some plays when I returned. That was my mentality.”

Six of his seven shots in the Finals were missed by Green.

Steph Curry, who had 43 points and 10 rebounds, said, “There’s so much trust in how we do things. Coach’s decisions are his, and it’s our responsibility.” 

Loon jumped in there, controlled the paint, grabbed some big rebounds, and created a presence. 

After returning to the game, Draymond showed some juice and some life on defense.”

With his defense savvy, big stops, and vision on offense, Green has built a reputation as a 16-game player. Nevertheless, Mary Babers, his mother, blasted his offensive play in a tweet.

It’s not necessary for people to ask her what’s wrong with Dray, she tweeted. It could be a clone! Where is the Draymond who got us here? she wondered.


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